Materials used

BAMBOO can grow up to 90cm daily, after harvesting the stalks re-grow without human intervention. No pesticides, compost or even watering is necessary, a truly sustainable plant. Take-away dishes can be made from the cellulose of the bamboo fibres, producing a sturdy cardboard, all “tree free”.  It has a light brown colour and can be printed on or quite often has a window of PLA foil. This bamboo type is not the one eaten by Pandas either; also, being 100% biodegradable.
THE ARECA PALM grows up to 25 meters high. When the green leaves dry out, they fall to the ground and are collected for further use. Illegal activity is naturally prevented as green leaves would rapidly become mouldy. The fallen leaves are now formed into superb single-use crockery, this all done without coating or additives. Ovenproof and not letting fat or water through, they remain 100% compostable.
Only CELLULOSE AND WOOD coming from the FSC forests is used in these products, meaning sustainable and responsible. There is also the use of cellulose from residual agricultural material, including stems and leaves.  This makes a high-quality cardboard from material that would otherwise be discarded as waste, making natural agricultural products without chopping down a single tree.
POLYLACTIC ACID (PLA) is from a fermentation of carbohydrates, such as that of sugar cane residue, or other starches from natural residues. No fossil fuels or chemicals added; transparent and glossy they are perfect for glasses and lids, taste neutral and heat resistant up till 40°C. CPLA is Crystallised Polylactic acid takes temperatures of up to 85° and is even more stable, good for cutlery, vending cups and coffee cup lids. These articles are no longer transparent.
When the sweetness is pressed out of the SUGARCANE the residue left over is very fibrous, up till recently just thrown away. This biomass is now used for the manufacture of single use plates, bowls and containers. These articles are light, stable and water resistant. Great for both hot and cold dishes, plus being microwave, freezer and oven friendly. With a bio-laminate adding a further fat and water resistance, they become sealable with lids or a foil.
MATER-BI is a starch blend based on vegetable oil and vegetable starch; the result is also strong. These Mater-Bi solutions are tear resistant, stable as well as being air-permeable. EN-13432 certified, they can also be composted in the garden compost, so it is possible to use them as compost bags for your fruit and vegetable leftovers.