Black Cutlery Set (Fork, Napkin)

Very hygienic as they are separately wrapped, adding to the enjoyment of a Takeaway meal

  1. General Details

    Very hygienic as the forks are wrapped separately, they are a perfect addition to enjoy a Takeaway meal.

    Made of CPLA, crystallized polylactic acid, which is a combination of PLA (70-80%), chalk (20-30%) and other biodegradable additives. CPLA products can withstand high temperatures up to 85°C without deforming. Once crystallized, it is no longer transparent like PLA but matt. Still 100% biodegradable and compostable according to the EN-13432 standard. At the end of its life, it can either be recycled or composted in industrial composting plants.

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    Article N°
    Price for 1 box Price for 2 to 5 boxes Price for 6 boxes
    C-30271 86.25€ 80.50€ 74.75€
  3. Product Variants
    Article N°
    Article Name Dimensions (cm) Pieces per box Price for 1 box Price from 2 to 5 boxes Price from 6 boxes
    C-30271 Black Cutlery Set (Fork, Napkin) 16.5/11 500 86.25 € 80.50€ 74.75€
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