Champagne Glass – 1dl

The champagne glasses are good ecological disposables for any party.

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  1. General Details

    Champagne glass for 100ml consisting of 2 parts in a box of 135 (Ø 55 x 150 x 30 mm)

    Made of a vegetable based substance: PLA
    The search for good ecological and sustainable disposables is necessary, we have PLA which is
    transparent but unlike plastic, 100% biodegradable and compostable! (EN-13432 certified).
    These champagne glasses offer a stylish and sparkling presentation of your champagne and are
    flavourless too, robust and elegant, indispensable at every party

    Though there are only 135 glasses per box, if you wish for less than a carton, check in Products!

  2. This is just the Price Info; Product Variants describes the articles as well
    Article No.
    Price for 1
    Price for 2
    to 5 boxes
    Price for 6
    PLA-4000 79.59 € 74.28 € 68.98 €
  3. Product Variants
    Article N.
    Article Name. Dimensions (cm) Capacity (ml) Pieces
    per box
    Price for 1
    Price from 2
    to 5 boxes
    Price from 6
    PLA-4000 Champagne Glass – 1dl calibrated 2-part 5.5 × 15.0 × 3.0 100 135 79.59 € 74.28 € 68.98 €
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