Dedra Plate

Separate square plates presented in three

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  1. General Details

    260 mm has three plates to present your food, the plates can be taken out as wanted.
    Here we have a cost-effective addition to any party or picnic. Made of sugar cane residue, microwave and ovenproof, tolerating a temperature range from -25 °C to 220 °C, it leaves no after-taste.

    Sugarcane is one of the world’s most economically important plants, grown in warmer parts of the world. A strong plant that can tolerate a certain amount of drought and is disease resistant. The cane only needs to be replaced after 10 years, making it sustainable and environmentally friendly.

    It is possible to seal it with a PLA film, for which you will need a machine.

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    S-2053 117.08 €
    S-2054 93.83 €
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    S-2053 Dedra Plate 22.4 × 22.4 × 1.0 350 117.08 €
    S-2054 Dedra Plate 3-part: 26.0 × 11.0 × 1.2 450 93.83 €
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