Fine white attractive bowls for dessert, having no after taste for those who like their flavour pure.

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  1. General Details

    120 mm x 80 mm x 45 mm – 230ml in a box of 600.

    Attractive bowls for dessert, fine in white sugar cane residue and having no after-taste for those who like their taste pure.

    If you would like fewer articles than in a full box, you will find the answer in Products.

    We offer an extensive range of attractive, 100% biodegradable sugar cane residue disposables.
    After 18 months the cane is harvested for the first time for sugar, the stem cut just above the ground
    so it regrows, only after 10 years does it need to be replaced, making it truly sustainable and
    environmentally friendly. The residue is what is used to make our articles, up to 50 disposable plates
    can be made from the remains of a single sugar cane stalk!
    The main advantages of these products are
    – 100% biodegradable (EN-13432 certified)

    – Resistant to a wide temperature range:
    o Oil 100 °C
    o Water 100 °C
    o Baking oven 220 °C
    o Freezer -25 °C
    – Microwave and ovenproof
    Crockery made of sugar cane is stylish, light, yet strong and waterproof. Discover our wide range of
    products such as plates, bowls, cups, hamburger and menu boxes.

  2. This is just the Price Info; Product Variants describes the articles as well
    Article N°
    Price for 1
    Price for 2
    to 5 boxes
    Price for 6
    S-1024 57.60 € 53.76 € 49.92 €
    S-1025 79.20 € 73.92 € 68.64 €
  3. Product Variants and Price
    Article N°
    Article Name Dimensions (cm) Capacity (ml) Pieces
    per box
    Price for 1
    Price from 2
    to 5 boxes
    Price from 6
    S-1024 Dessert Bowl 12.0 × 9.0 × 8.0 150 400 57.60 € 53.76 € 49.92 €
    S-1025 Dessert Bowl 12.0 × 8.0 × 4.5 300 600 79.20 € 73.92 € 68.64 €
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