Double-wall coffee cup ribbed

Sip your warm drink, keeping your hands protected from the heat with this ribbed double insulation!

  1. General Details

    On cold Winter days you can sip your hot chocolate or other warm drinks, keeping your hands protected from the heat. The double ribbed insulation also helps extend the time that your drink is hot enough. It is also sturdy enough to re-use!

    From a small cup for 100ml to one of 200ml, then 300ml

  2. Simply Price Info; Product Variants also describes the articles. Prices shown exclude VAT
    Article N°
    Price for 1
    W-4084 33.75€
    W-4085 52.13€
    W-4086 65.25€
  3. Product Variants
    Article N°
    Article Name Dimensions (cm) Capacity (ml) Pieces per box Price for 1 box
    W-4084 Double-wall coffee cup ribbed 6 100 500 33.75€
    W-4085 Double-wall coffee cup ribbed 8 200 500 52.13€
    W-4086 Double-wall coffee cup ribbed 9 300 500 65.25€
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