Sturdy enough, these round white plates made of sugar cane residue are perfect for your pizza

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  1. General Details

    Round white plates made of sugar cane residue, this pizza plate supports the weight of the pizza, as well as leaving no after-taste!

    Ø 325mm Pizza plate in a box of 200 pieces or after consultation, packets of 50

    We offer an extensive range of attractive, 100% biodegradable sugar-cane-residue based
    disposables, fully compostable and truly environmentally friendly, natural and sustainable.
    Sugarcane is a strong plant that tolerates a certain amount of dryness and resists disease. After 18
    months the cane is harvested for the first time, then lasts 10 years!
    The leftovers of a single sugar cane stalk can be used to make up to 50 disposable plates, crockery
    that is stylish, light, yet extraordinarily strong and waterproof.
    The main advantages are:
    – 100% biodegradable (EN-13432 certified)
    – Strong, stackable
    – Resistant to a wide temperature range:
    o Oil 100°C
    o Water 100°C
    o Baking oven 220°C
    o Freezer -25°C

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    S-2039 64.50 € 60.20 € 55.90 €
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    S-2039 Pizza Plate 32.5 × 0.5 200 64.50 € 60.20 € 55.90 €
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