See through lids that prevent spills, flat to make stacking easy.

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  1. General Details

    These PLA flat lids offer a crystal clear transparence and are tightly shaped to the glass they cover, one has a hole for a straw and is 76 mm in diameter, the others do not and are 96 mm wide. Not only do they prevent spills – they also bring the contents into focus. No chemicals or fuel oils are used in the production process, only renewable raw material making them completely compostable.

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    Article N°
    Price for 1 box Price for 2  boxes
    PLA-4018 46.50€ 43.40€
    PLA-4019 54.00€ 50.40€
    PLA-4020 54.00€ 50.40€
  3. Product Variants
    Article N.
    Article Name Dimensions (cm) Pieces per box Price for 1 box Price from 2  boxes
    PLA-4018 Flat Lid with Straw Hole 7.6 1000 46.50€ 43.40€
    PLA-4019 Flat Lid without Straw Hole 9.6 1200 54.00€ 50.40€
    PLA-4020 Flat Lid without Straw Hole Stackable 9.6 1200 54.00€ 50.40€
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