Rectangular Bowl Natural Bio-laminated

A sugar cane residue bowl in 2 parts, perfect for a take-away meal

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  1. General Details

    This rectangular bowl made of sugar cane residue is microwave and ovenproof, tolerating a temperature range from -25 °C to 220 °C, leaving no after-taste.

    Here you have the sugar cane residue lid which fits tightly over the bowl and prevents spilling, sold separately

    It can be sealed with PLA film, for which you will need a machine.

    Sugarcane is a strong plant that can tolerate a certain amount of drought, as well as being disease resistant. The cane only needs to be replaced after 10 years, making it very sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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    Article N°
    Price for 1
    S-1035 108.75 €
    S-1036 112.88 €
    S-1037 122.40 €
  3. Product Variants and Price
    Article N°
    Article Name Dimensions (cm) Capacity (ml) Pieces
    per box
    Price for 1
    S-1035 Rectangular Bowl Natural Bio-laminated 23.0 × 16.5× 3.0 600 300 108.75 €
    S-1036 Rectangular Bowl Natural Bio-laminated 23.0 × 16.5× 4.7 950 300 112.88 €
    S-1037 Rectangular 2 part Bowl Natural Bio-laminated 19.5 × 17.0 × 5.6 530/250 400 122.40 €
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