Sealing Film

Sealing film for delicious ready meals

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  1. General Details

    Sealing film, peelable, with or without a Naturesse logo printed on it.
    Menu trays and bowls are usually bio-laminated, giving them many options, from containing cold dishes to being used when food is reheated without any problems.

    You have the choice of using either this high-quality sealing film or the appropriate lids to close the bowls.
    Perfect for offering your customers delicious ready meals, which are easily transported or frozen.

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    Article N°
    Price for 1 box
    S-X001 274.50 €
    S-X002 195.00 €
  3. Product Variants and Price
    Article N°
    Article Name Dimensions(cm) Pieces per box Price for 1 box
    S-X001 Sealing Film (printed- design Naturesse) 8.5 × 250 linear metres 1 274.50 €
    S-X002 Sealing Film (unprinted) 8.5 × 250 linear metres 1 195.00 €
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