White Domed Lid for Cardboard Cup

White domed lid for hot drinks

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  1. General Details

    Made of CPLA this lid is designed to prevent spills from hot drinks, fits perfectly on the cup.

    500 or 1000 pieces per box, if you wish for less than a carton, it is possible!

    CPLA means crystallized polylactic acid, a combination of PLA (70-80%), chalk (20-30%) and other biodegradable additives. By crystallizing PLA, CPLA products can withstand high temperatures up to 85°C without deforming. Once crystallized, CPLA is no longer transparent but matt white. As CPLA is derived from PLA, it is 100% biodegradable and compostable according to the EN-13432 standard. At the end of its life, PLA-based products can either be recycled or composted in industrial composting plants.

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    Article N°
    Price for 1
    C-4058 20.63 €
    C-4059 26.63 €
    C-4060 53.25 €
    C-4061 64.50 €
  3. Product Variants
    Article N°
    Article Name. Dimensions (cm) Pieces per box Price for 1 box
    C-4058 White domed lid for hot drinks 6 500 20.63 €
    C-4059 White domed lid for hot drinks 7 500 26.63 €
    C-4060 White domed lid for hot drinks 8 1000 53.25 €
    C-4061 White domed lid for hot drinks 9 1000 64.50 €
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