Bamboo Black Stick “Mumbai”

A circle at one end - handy for piercing food

Natural Bamboo Stick “Saigon” (seven different lengths)

Sticks with a loose knot at one end, perfect for snack or buffet

Natural Bamboo Stick “Tokyo” (available in 4 lengths)

Undecorated natural sticks are perfect for snacks or buffets

Black Bamboo Twisted Stick

These sticks with a little knot at the end make for a nice presentation

Bamboo Stick Yellow “Fuji”

With their 12 cms these decorative sticks are great for snacks and buffets

Bamboo Stick Red “Kyoto”

Elegant 9 cm stick perfect for snack or buffet presentations

Bamboo Stick Red “Kita”

7 centimetres for perfect presentations

Bamboo Stick Red “Atami”

9 centimetres long, perfect for snacks or buffet presentations

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