Kraft Paper Drinking Straw, Brown

Very strong Kraft brown paper straws

Black Paper Drinking Straw

A robust black paper straw for drink enjoyment

CPLA Drinking Straw, White (adapted for hot drinks)

New adapted straws for hot drink enjoyment

PLA Drinking Straw White

Pure white straw to sip your drink

PLA Drinking Straw Red

Red PLA straws to sip your cold drinks

PLA Drinking Straw Green

Green straws to sip your cold drinks

PLA Cocktail Jumbo Straw Black

PLA perfect black cocktail straws

PLA Drinking Straw Black or Green (Individually wrapped)

Black or green straws which are very hygienic as they are individually wrapped

Paper Coloured Drinking Straw

Jolly paper straws, great for childrens parties!